• December 10, 2021

“Iron” plows in North Carolina are steel: Nowhere else in the US

In North Carolina, welding stainless steel is the norm.In fact, there are more welders than welders anywhere in the country.But despite the fact that welding stainless is the go-to material for ironworkers, the industry’s largest employer is not allowed to make steel.The state’s Department of Agriculture is in the process of banning the use of…

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When the world will be ready to replace steel with carbon?

By Mark O’Sullivan”I have never seen an area of the world where you are making such a huge difference,” said Prof. O’Leary, who is also professor of materials science at the University of Manchester.“We will see a massive improvement in quality and we will see this across industries, from energy to manufacturing to healthcare, food…

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Texas Tech gets its first-ever welded steel bender

The Texas Tech University’s bender team has the first-of-its-kind welded stainless steel benders.The benders are designed to help weld steel with a more resilient, ductile form that is also easier to handle and stronger.The team’s welding professor and associate dean of engineering, Dr. Matthew Siegel, said the benders could help the university build a new…

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