• August 24, 2021

How to Buy a New Home

General steel buildings are often sold as an investment.You can get a house in a place that looks like a steel structure, or you can buy one that looks more like an apartment.You could also buy a home that’s almost entirely steel.But when you get the chance to buy a new house in general, be…

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How to Get the Trump White House to Stop Making the Media Excuse It’s So Popular

steele: We’re not getting any help from the media, I mean, this is a pretty significant piece of the puzzle, but it’s pretty frustrating to see that it is the most prominent piece of this.The White House has had this incredibly successful approach to creating the narrative.And this is the reason why it’s so difficult…

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Steel Sheds in Seattle and Tacoma Are Still Burning Source The Washington Press

BATTLE CROSS, Wash.— A new series on the state of our nation’s steel industry is being released Tuesday as President Trump and his allies attempt to get the country’s manufacturing sector back on track.The “Steel Sheds” project, which examines what’s happening at American steel plants and the challenges that face U.S. manufacturing, is being produced…

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