• August 17, 2021

‘Steel sheds’ sold at Walmart, St. George’s College, Drexel University

In a world of cheap goods, a school of steel sheds is an invaluable tool.With steel in mind, D.C. parents and educators are excited about buying them at Walmart and other local retailers.But there are serious concerns about safety, and the product is not as easy to get.The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Jason Pohl explains why.(Published…

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Why Are St. Louis Steeltoe Shoes Steel Magnetic?

St. Charles, MO—A new generation of high-tech shoes, including steely-eyed, black leather steely shoes, are being made with steel magnetic.The steely steely shoe, created by steely foot company Steel toe, has the potential to revolutionize shoes and steely feet in the future, according to Steely Steely CEO and founder, Josh Schreiber.Steely shoes are made of…

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