• November 25, 2021

What if the New York Yankees made it out of the ALDS with a series win?

It’s hard to say what the Yankees were thinking when they pulled off a dramatic comeback to take Game 4 of the ALCS in Game 6.They had lost the first three games of the series, and their only chance to go all the way was Game 7.In the aftermath of Game 4, though, they were…

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The Steel Rod

Steel Rod is back!The Steel Rod will now be available in the new Steel Collection update!Steel Rod was released back in July, and since then, it’s been a great hit for fans of the series.It has a wide range of attacks and special attacks that can be used to dish out damage or boost the…

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Steelyard gets new $20-million project to improve water quality

A new water treatment plant in southwestern Ontario has received $20 million in federal funding to help make it more water-efficient.The $20.7 million project was awarded by the Ontario Energy Board on Friday, but will be managed by the province’s water authority.It’s part of a broader $60 million federal program to upgrade water treatment plants…

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