• August 2, 2021

The new $6 billion bridge connecting Brooklyn and Queens will be completed this year

The New York City Bridge is being rebuilt to make it more attractive to tourists and pedestrians, but the project’s $6.5 billion project to replace a span that collapsed in 2011 has not yet begun.The New York State Department of Transportation announced on Thursday that it has awarded a $5.8 billion contract to a consortium…

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How a new antibiotic made by China is helping the world beat tuberculosis

An antibiotic made from the bacillus that causes tuberculosis could help the world fight the deadly disease, according to a study by researchers from China’s Jiangsu Provincial Health Administration.¬†According to the study, the antibiotic, called beyBlade, could also reduce antibiotic resistance among bacteria that causes other respiratory illnesses, including pneumonia and coronavirus.“We’ve been using this…

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