• November 30, 2021

Steel toe boots and Damascus steel knife on sale for $200

Steel toe shoes are the most popular footwear option among teens and women, according to research by MTV News.The research firm polled 800 teens, asking them if they were interested in wearing a pair of steel toe shoes or Damascus steel knives for a week.Steel toe shoe sales were up 20 percent year over year…

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How to be an ‘authentic woman’ in the ‘real world’

When you’re in the public eye, it’s hard to look the part.But when you’re a performer, it can be easy to be invisible.And that’s what Sydnee Steele has had to do to stay true to her identity in the “real world” as a dancer and actress.As a performer with decades of experience and a body…

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Why Are St. Louis Steeltoe Shoes Steel Magnetic?

St. Charles, MO—A new generation of high-tech shoes, including steely-eyed, black leather steely shoes, are being made with steel magnetic.The steely steely shoe, created by steely foot company Steel toe, has the potential to revolutionize shoes and steely feet in the future, according to Steely Steely CEO and founder, Josh Schreiber.Steely shoes are made of…

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