• October 21, 2021

Which brand is best for you?

Steel Cut Oats: the brand that is known for its raw milk, and has a reputation for using high-quality, natural ingredients for its baked goods.The company makes the Steel City collectibles and Steel City Steel Oats.The Steel City Oats have a buttery texture and have a nutty flavor. The Steel City Libido range of oatmeal, made…

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How to make your own diamond plate and steel collectibles

As a hobbyist, I love collecting collectibles.But I’m also an expert at making my own.This is the kind of knowledge that I was hoping to acquire through this book, Diamond Plate Steel.Diamond Plate Steel is a book for everyone who loves collecting diamonds, but also loves making jewelry.The author, Jessica Browning, is an expert on…

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When is Detroit Steel’s “Bleeding Steel” going to get a release date?

We’re just about two weeks away from when Bleeding Steel will finally make its way to retailers, but there’s still a good chance we’ll be seeing it before the end of the year.According to an upcoming blog post by Steel City Collectibles, the first batch of new Steel City collectibles will be available in August…

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