• August 17, 2021

‘Steel sheds’ sold at Walmart, St. George’s College, Drexel University

In a world of cheap goods, a school of steel sheds is an invaluable tool.With steel in mind, D.C. parents and educators are excited about buying them at Walmart and other local retailers.But there are serious concerns about safety, and the product is not as easy to get.The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Jason Pohl explains why.(Published…

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Construction workers at steel building build-to-suit kit for the future

A new building kit for building to suit the changing needs of the 21st century is being developed by engineers at the University of Alberta.The university says it is the first time that an engineering firm has been awarded a federal building design contract to help develop a new type of building kit, a move…

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The new $6 billion bridge connecting Brooklyn and Queens will be completed this year

The New York City Bridge is being rebuilt to make it more attractive to tourists and pedestrians, but the project’s $6.5 billion project to replace a span that collapsed in 2011 has not yet begun.The New York State Department of Transportation announced on Thursday that it has awarded a $5.8 billion contract to a consortium…

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