• September 8, 2021

How to stop a blade from biting through your wallet

A new design that uses a special blade to cut through metal has been developed by researchers at Australia’s leading industrial steel maker.The Blade-Bite Pro (BBP) was developed to cut metal, including copper, brass and steel, using the same cutting force as a traditional knife.While this approach is less cutting-force efficient than traditional blade-like cutting…

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How to get a better grip on your nails

A few months ago, I started to feel a bit shaky when my nails got really dull.I thought they were going to crack and fall off. I had to learn how to relax them.So, when I heard about the Steel Bender tape, I immediately had to try it.Steel Benders have a flexible, tapered tip, which is designed to…

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How much does the cost of steel matter?

Google News Search engine results are filled with stories about how expensive steel pipes are, so we wanted to know more about what it costs to build and maintain them.And we wanted answers for the following questions: What does it cost to build a steel pipe?How much is the cost?How does it compare to the…

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