• October 27, 2021

Why SteelBender is an all-time great player and a true icon of the game

SteelBenders, as they’re affectionately known, have long been an integral part of the Steel City.From the days of the NFL’s original SteelBenders in the early 1950s, the SteelBends were a regular presence in the stadiums and arenas.But for the last 40 years, their legacy has been forever intertwined with the sport of football.The Steelers and…

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How to get a better grip on your nails

A few months ago, I started to feel a bit shaky when my nails got really dull.I thought they were going to crack and fall off. I had to learn how to relax them.So, when I heard about the Steel Bender tape, I immediately had to try it.Steel Benders have a flexible, tapered tip, which is designed to…

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Texas Tech gets its first-ever welded steel bender

The Texas Tech University’s bender team has the first-of-its-kind welded stainless steel benders.The benders are designed to help weld steel with a more resilient, ductile form that is also easier to handle and stronger.The team’s welding professor and associate dean of engineering, Dr. Matthew Siegel, said the benders could help the university build a new…

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