• October 14, 2021

How to tell if a steel bar is worth more than a new car

The steel bars are coming off the line.They’ll be put on display for the first time this fall.The steel is in the final stages of being assembled in the U.S. and Canada and they’re being shipped to China for use in making high-end cars.They’re used in high-performance, supercharged cars that are often built on a…

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US-made steel bar is ‘one of the nicest pieces of metal I’ve ever seen’

Steel bars, which are a favorite for military use, are made from various kinds of steel.They are also quite durable and have a long life, but they can have a hard time surviving in harsh weather.Al Jazeera spoke to a veteran steel bar maker who said the steel bar was the nichest piece of metal…

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Steelyard gets new $20-million project to improve water quality

A new water treatment plant in southwestern Ontario has received $20 million in federal funding to help make it more water-efficient.The $20.7 million project was awarded by the Ontario Energy Board on Friday, but will be managed by the province’s water authority.It’s part of a broader $60 million federal program to upgrade water treatment plants…

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