• September 25, 2021

Peter Steele: ‘The Real Thing’ is ‘the most remarkable piece of art I’ve ever seen’

New York’s most celebrated painter is about to return to the world of paintings for a new work called The Real Thing, and he’s bringing some big changes.The work, which is due to open at the Whitney Biennial in May, has been commissioned by a private collector and will include work from the painter’s life.Steele,…

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Canada’s $1 trillion potash boom: Is it ready for prime time?

A $1.4-trillion deal to buy a significant chunk of Canadian potash and refine it into fertilizer could come to fruition within a year.The Canadian Press reports that a group of industry players has submitted proposals for a joint venture with U.S. firm TerraForm to buy up to 85 per cent of the world’s potash market.Potash…

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