• September 29, 2021

‘I didn’t have any idea what to do’: Steelworkers who made steel toe for ‘Terminator’ star Steve McQueen ‘had no idea what they were doing’

The steel toe of the “Terminator” series is made of stainless steel tubing and is used to connect the metal of the boots to the shoe.But for a number of steelworkers at Steelworks of America in the small town of Steubenville, Ohio, the toe of their iconic Terminator boot was made with a different steel.Steelworkers…

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What you need to know about Georgia steel toe shoes

AUGUSTa 3, 2019 9:09:20Georgia Steel toe shoes are designed to fit women who are over the age of 40.They’re usually sold in smaller sizes and are often marketed for the first time to older women, the same age as most men.There are also smaller, less expensive options available for men.Groups such as the Georgia Women’s…

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