• September 15, 2021

How to Get a New Nintendo Switch for $299.99 on Amazon [Video]

Posted November 19, 2018 07:59:47Amazon.com’s latest deal on the Nintendo Switch, the $299 Nintendo Switch XL, is currently up for pre-order for $229.99.The price of the console, however, has dropped to $299 after the Nintendo Direct on Thursday.That’s an 11% reduction in price from its $299 retail price, but the savings will only apply if…

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Valyrian Steel, Steel Industry Sues for $4B in Backlash

Steelmakers Valyria, Bulgaria, have filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Justice, alleging they were illegally targeted by US regulators in 2014 and 2015.The US government launched a multi-agency investigation into the company after a number of complaints from the US Steelworkers Union and a number more in Europe and elsewhere.In January 2017, US…

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