• September 15, 2021

How to Get a New Nintendo Switch for $299.99 on Amazon [Video]

Posted November 19, 2018 07:59:47Amazon.com’s latest deal on the Nintendo Switch, the $299 Nintendo Switch XL, is currently up for pre-order for $229.99.The price of the console, however, has dropped to $299 after the Nintendo Direct on Thursday.That’s an 11% reduction in price from its $299 retail price, but the savings will only apply if…

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Which NFL QBs are your favorites in Week 14?

Big River Steel Ball Run, a.k.a. the Super Bowl of Steel Balls, is back.The popular outdoor game took place last year and is being revived this year for a second time.The event is held at the Big River in Madison, Wisconsin.The Big River has hosted the event in the past and is expected to have…

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Which cities are getting the most steel from Big River Steel?

With the Great Lakes region becoming a major steel producer, cities around the U.S. are finding new ways to use the energy from the plant to produce their own steel.The Associated Press has found the region’s Big River steel mills produce almost one-third of the country’s steel production.But the region is also finding that it…

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