• September 25, 2021

How to watch: The most underrated movies of 2017

By Andrew DeMilloUpdated Feb. 22, 2019 10:55:28The second installment of The Reel Steel trilogy takes place in the modern world of the 1970s.The film opens with a flashback to the 1970’s, when a group of young women find themselves trapped in a steel cage with an evil man named Steel.For the next two hours, the…

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How a new antibiotic made by China is helping the world beat tuberculosis

An antibiotic made from the bacillus that causes tuberculosis could help the world fight the deadly disease, according to a study by researchers from China’s Jiangsu Provincial Health Administration. According to the study, the antibiotic, called beyBlade, could also reduce antibiotic resistance among bacteria that causes other respiratory illnesses, including pneumonia and coronavirus.“We’ve been using this…

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Steel Sheds in Seattle and Tacoma Are Still Burning Source The Washington Press

BATTLE CROSS, Wash.— A new series on the state of our nation’s steel industry is being released Tuesday as President Trump and his allies attempt to get the country’s manufacturing sector back on track.The “Steel Sheds” project, which examines what’s happening at American steel plants and the challenges that face U.S. manufacturing, is being produced…

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