• September 4, 2021

How to make your own beskar steels

It’s no secret that beskar, or steel, is a precious metal.But what exactly does it do for you?A beskar is a steels melting process that involves heating a metal in a steam bath to extremely high temperatures.You melt a metal into a solid, which you then add water to slowly break down the metal into…

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How to save your steel roof from collapse

The steel roof is one of the safest ways to prevent a collapse.But it’s also a major cause of damage when it comes to structural damage, according to the American Institute of Architects.For that reason, the AIA recommends that people with steel roofs install steel railing, reinforcing the steel frame to the exterior.You might also…

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How to Get Your Girlfriend to Get Over Your Steel Door

The Steel Door: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Her Girlfriend Over Her Steel Door If you’ve ever heard someone say “she should’ve locked it,” or “she shouldn’t have used the key to unlock it,” it’s probably because they’re talking about a girl who has locked her door at home and left her with a cracked…

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