• October 29, 2021

Stainless Steel Dishwasher: A $10,000 Deal?

The $10K deal is great, but the problem is the price of the stainless steel cabinet.The cheapest of the options is the $7K.Thats not much more than a single stainless steel rack and some accessories for the dishwasher.This is not the only $10k youll get with a stainless steel dishwashing cabinet, but it is the…

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How to get a tattoo of Valyrian Steel’s iconic image

In one of the most iconic tattoos ever to grace the internet, a woman wearing a dress and heels stands in front of a giant steel sculpture depicting Valyria, a beautiful and powerful nation that is depicted as a goddess and ruler of all the lands of the realm.The tattoo, which was first posted on…

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How to fix the problems of your 304 stainless steel: Step-by-step

304 stainless is one of the most durable steels.It’s also the hardest, and therefore the most expensive, to produce, so it’s a great candidate for a tool to replace your aging metal parts.A few common problems that arise when replacing your 304 are rust, corrosion, and oxidation.This article will show you how to fix these…

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