• October 20, 2021

How to cut oats in just 10 minutes with this steel cut oats recipe

Posted January 06, 2019 09:08:16A steel cut is a method of chopping the oats.

For a more traditional method of cooking oats, the griddle will usually be used.

Steel cut oats are cooked in a frying pan on a stovetop with some water.

It takes a long time to cook them, and the resulting texture is dry and a bit mushy.

But these are the same oats that you might see in a boxed oatmeal product.

The recipe below is a quick and easy method of making steel cut toast.

It can be used in the morning to make a hearty breakfast for a family, and is very tasty as a snack.

You will need:Oats – 1/2 cup white wholemeal flour1 cup warm water1/2 tsp baking powder1/4 tsp salt1/8 tsp baking soda1/16 tsp baking yeast1/3 cup oil (or oil of choice)Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.1.

Combine flour, water, baking powder, salt and baking soda in a large bowl.2.

Add oil to a medium heat and fry the oats for about five minutes.3.

Add salt and oil to the flour mixture.4.

Pour the mixture into the greased skillet, add the oats, and cook until the oats are cooked through and the batter is browned.5.

Add the oil and cook another minute or two.6.

Sprinkle flour mixture over the oats and stir until the batter has melted.

Repeat until the pancakes are soft and golden.

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