• October 8, 2021

Steel mill to expand into the South Brisbane CBD

Steel mill expansion plans for South Brisbane’s CBD will see the construction of a new $1.8 billion industrial complex and new jobs.

Key points:The steel mill will have a capacity of 500MWThe facility will include 500 new jobsThe steel mills first major expansion will see more than 600 jobs in the CBDThe company said the new plant will be one of the largest in AustraliaThe company has been in the forefront of modern industrial technology and has built a reputation for being one of Australia’s most efficient and cost effective mills.

The new steel mill is expected to be built in South Brisbane and be a major expansion in the region’s future.

It will be the first major steel mill expansion in Australia and will bring around 600 new jobs to South Brisbane.

The steel project is being financed by the state and is expected start in 2020 and is part of the state’s long-term plan to become an industrial powerhouse.

The project will be built at a site owned by the South Queensland Government and will be funded by the Australian National Investment Fund (ANIF).

The company will be leasing the land and the new facility will be in the heart of South Brisbane, on the banks of the Brisbane River.

Steel will be used to make the steel bars, which are used in steel production, which will be delivered by the end of 2020.

It is a major project for South Queensland.

It has been estimated that if the project is built and fully operational in 2021, the steel will be exported around the world.

“It’s a project that’s going to create over 600 jobs,” SABC steel analyst Tom Fagan said.

“South Brisbane is a very vibrant town, and I think that’s one of its biggest strengths.”SABC steel economist and South Brisbane Chamber of Commerce president Dave Pinder said the company was a pioneer in modern industrial technologies.

“The steel is going to be used in the manufacture of steel bars for the steel mill,” Mr Pinder told 7.30.

“They will also be making other things like concrete, cement, steel, which is going into the building of the new facilities.”

I think the potential here is huge.

“I think it’s a very ambitious project and it’s really going to deliver significant economic benefits for the South Australian community.”

The steel plant will also have a major impact on the region.

“That’s one area where the steel is really going in,” Mr Fagan added.

“In South Brisbane you have about a third of the world’s steel production and the first place you’ll find this is in the South East.”

This is going really close to the city centre, and we’ve got a very strong steel industry there.

“We’re seeing it expand very rapidly, so we’re seeing a lot of potential.”

The new facility is expected not only to create jobs in South Queensland, but also for other industries in the state.

“There will be a lot more steel produced in South Australia,” SABS steel analyst Rob Whelan said.”[It’s] going to provide jobs in other industries, it’s going