• September 29, 2021

‘I didn’t have any idea what to do’: Steelworkers who made steel toe for ‘Terminator’ star Steve McQueen ‘had no idea what they were doing’

The steel toe of the “Terminator” series is made of stainless steel tubing and is used to connect the metal of the boots to the shoe.

But for a number of steelworkers at Steelworks of America in the small town of Steubenville, Ohio, the toe of their iconic Terminator boot was made with a different steel.

Steelworkers Mark and Donna Latham, who own the company that made the steel toe, said they never knew they were making steel toe until a friend suggested it in an email to them a few months ago.

Mark Latham says he never knew what to make of his ‘Terminators’ toe until his friend emailed him.

“I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I saw that in a magazine,'” Latham told ABC News.

“So I just kept looking at it and said, ‘OK, this is pretty cool.'”

Latham is the co-owner of Steel Works of America.

He and his wife have a son, Tyler, who is 13.

He said that when he went to see the “Blade Runner” movie in theaters, he got a good look at the futuristic futuristic steel toe that was being used.

“You know, I remember going to see that movie,” Latham said.

“I just kind of wanted to see it and be like, Wow, that’s pretty cool.

So, I went and got a look at it.”

Steelworkers Donna Lathas say they were just like, “What?

What is this?'”

Steelworkers’ interest in the toe was prompted by a Facebook group that had been set up to raise awareness about the use of high-end steel tubing for making steel toes.

The Steelworkers of America group posted a message on Facebook saying, “We’re looking for an experienced metal fabrication worker who is able to make the steel toes for a variety of films, including the upcoming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

“We have been making these steel toes with a variety and variety of materials for many years,” the group wrote.

“We have used stainless steel, steel tubing with an alloy of nickel and iron, stainless steel with a tungsten alloy of copper, titanium and iron.

The group said it has been looking for the “terminator” Steelworkers since at least 2007. “

For a number a Steel Works employees, this steel toe is used as a means of attachment to the boots, or to a suit.”

The group said it has been looking for the “terminator” Steelworkers since at least 2007.

Latham explained that the steel in the “Twilight” trilogy is made from “hard steel” — a material that is more difficult to forge.

“The metal is just welded, and we’re doing it in a process that is quite high-temperature,” Lathaus said.

The Steelworkers said they were looking for someone who would be able to weld the steel to the boot.

They said they found a man who had worked on the Terminator series.

The “Terminators” franchise is based on the 1982 film series by George Romero and James Cameron.

The movie, which has grossed $2.4 billion worldwide, is set in 2027 and tells the story of the first “Terminers,” the soldiers of the U.S. military who are trained to fight in space and come back home to Earth to take on the threat of the Locusts.

The franchise also stars Ryan Reynolds, who played Connor, and “Terminate” actress Keanu Reeves.