• September 24, 2021

How to get a tattoo of Valyrian Steel’s iconic image

In one of the most iconic tattoos ever to grace the internet, a woman wearing a dress and heels stands in front of a giant steel sculpture depicting Valyria, a beautiful and powerful nation that is depicted as a goddess and ruler of all the lands of the realm.

The tattoo, which was first posted on Instagram in December 2016, is the result of a collaboration between a tattoo artist, a fashion designer and a fashion label.

It is called ‘Valyrian’, after the name of the legendary Greek goddess of wisdom and magic.

The piece was created by Russian artist Valyra.

Valyryana, who has worked with the likes of Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, said the idea for the piece came from the experience of having the tattoo of a famous Russian warrior, known as ‘Valerii’, that he got on his forearm.

“It was a bit of a shock.

I was just really into the idea of the tattoo itself and the fact that I would be doing it for the first time in a public place.

I didn’t expect to be doing something that would become a national moment,” she told News24.

Valery’s tattoo has a stylised Greek goddess standing behind a giant statue of a beautiful, strong woman, which is the backdrop of the piece.

“This piece, it was an idea for me.

I had a bit more time on my hands to come up with something I thought would be really memorable,” she said.

“There was no way that I was going to do it with a big, flashy piece.

I just felt that it needed to be a little bit smaller and more focused.”

Valyryn, who said she has worked in the fashion industry for many years, said that the piece took a long time to design and produce.

“For me it was something I’ve been working on for quite a long period of time,” she explained.

“The idea came from my personal experience of being a warrior and seeing Valyrias tattoo in front a Greek statue, and being inspired by that, and the beauty of it.”

The tattoo was commissioned by the Fashion Institute of Design in New York, which has commissioned a number of Valerys work for years.

“I wanted it to be something I felt proud of, something that I thought people would feel proud of,” Valery said.

Valry, who was born in Kazakhstan, said she is proud to have received the support of the fashion institute.

“We are really proud of this piece and the collaboration that we’ve had with them,” she added.

“Valyryn has been in fashion for a long, long time, and we have been collaborating with them for years.”

‘My mother and I have worked in different fields’ After receiving the tattoo, Valyril said she felt a lot of pressure to complete the piece as quickly as possible, given the limited amount of time she had to complete it.

“Before I was getting the tattoo I was living in the UK and I was struggling to get any tattoos done.

I think my mother and my sister have worked a lot in different industries and they’ve worked really hard to get tattoos done, so I felt a huge pressure,” she continued.

“But I felt really proud to be part of something that was created with a lot more love than money, and I felt like I was doing something important for a lot,” she noted.

Valys mother and sister, who were also born in the same country, said they were both very proud of their work.

“She’s doing something for the whole world, not just me,” said Valyrina.

“My mother has worked as a fashion editor and we are all in the business and we do different things and we’re very proud to work together,” she concluded.

‘I was lucky to get it done’ After getting the piece tattooed, Valery decided to give it a go herself, so she could get the tattoo removed.

“When I got the tattoo the first day, I was so excited and I couldn’t stop smiling,” she shared.

“Then I just went back to my laptop and typed it all down and started working on it.

I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

I hadn’t thought about how the tattoo would look, but I was pretty confident I could pull it off.”

“Everything you do, you make sure you get it exactly right. “

And I was lucky that I got it done,” she pointed out.

“Everything you do, you make sure you get it exactly right.

So I did it.

It’s about the piece itself. “

In my opinion, it’s not really about the tattoo.

It’s about the piece itself.

It took me a while to get