• September 17, 2021

Why do you think we have so much fear of steel toe croc?

I think the first thing that comes to mind when I think of steel toes is the thought of a croc being stuck to the underside of your shoe.

I think there’s a lot of fear that comes from the fact that steel toe crocodiles are considered dangerous because they’re not really a threat to humans.

But there’s actually a lot that comes out of the fact they’re a type of croc that are quite well-adapted to live in the habitats that humans have set up for them.

Steel toe croci are found in parts of the world where they’ve been hunted to extinction for their meat, their shell, and the shells of their eggs.

It’s a very unusual place for a crocol to live, where they have to adapt to live on the edge of the food chain and have to compete with humans for food.

But it’s the fact in the habitat that they’re adapted to that makes them a very valuable resource.

But even in a place like Brazil where there are steel toe Crocs that are thriving and thriving in very diverse habitats, there are still places where people have not been able to have much of a foothold in terms of their livelihood.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If there’s some protection in place for the crocols, it would be an amazing example of resilience and ingenuity and innovation that would be very valuable to human societies.

Andrea Steele, a professor of biological sciences at Ohio State University, has spent years researching steel toe and has studied the species since the 1960s.

Andrea is the co-author of Steel Tails, which is the latest edition of her best-selling Croc: How to Keep Them Safe, Safe, and Happy.

Andrea has also done field work in the Amazon and she’s worked with the government of Ecuador to get the croc in captivity.

And she was interviewed by National Review Online.

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