• September 14, 2021

Why Trump is so dangerous to our nation’s health care system

The Trump administration is moving to end Obamacare’s subsidies, but there’s a catch.

The Trump Administration is moving too fast to undo the Affordable Care Act, a move that could cause millions to lose their insurance coverage.

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses the Trump Administration of violating the Constitution by repealing the subsidies that help people purchase insurance.

The lawsuit claims that the government has violated the Federal Tort Claims Act by denying subsidies to millions of people in states that have expanded Medicaid.

The plaintiffs, who include former Republican Gov.

Tom Corbett, claim that the federal government has a duty to provide subsidies to people in those states, but they argue that the subsidies have not yet been extended to all states.

Under the law, the federal subsidies can only be used to help people buy insurance on the exchange or to purchase private coverage on the exchanges.

If the government decides to extend them to states, they would have to make payments to the states for each individual in each state who is eligible.

That payments, the plaintiffs claim, are not made until states have expanded their Medicaid programs.

The plaintiffs allege that the Trump administration has ignored a federal court order to extend the subsidies, which would help lower-income and disabled people get coverage.

“The Administration has failed to fulfill its legal obligations and failed to implement the Court order and therefore, has violated federal law,” the lawsuit alleges.

“In order to maintain the flexibility necessary to protect consumers and to allow states to continue to exercise their constitutional rights, the Administration has taken unilateral action to repeal the law.”

The Trump Administration has argued that the Affordable Health Care Act was intended to cover everyone.

The administration says the subsidies are needed to cover more people, but critics say that’s not true. 

Trump administration officials have not responded to the lawsuit, but Attorney General John Koskinen has said that his office will take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the law is fully implemented.

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