• September 11, 2021

‘My mum was always telling me: you can’t put a knife in a pig’s eye’

The steel firepit is the final resting place of a man who was shot to death on a quiet street in Melbourne’s north in the 1980s.

It’s the home of a family that has never left.

The father is gone, the mother is gone and the four children, aged 10, 12, 14 and 15, are still at home, still waiting for their mother to come back.

They’re waiting for someone to come in and say: ‘You have to leave, you’ve got to go home’.

“My mum would always say: you cannot put a sword in a man’s eye.

I said, you can put a steel fire in his eyes and he would say: I will see you again, I will make you laugh,” the victim’s sister, Melissa, said.

The family’s story of grief is recounted in a new documentary called ‘My Mum Was Always Telling Me: You Can’t Put a Knife in a Pig’s Eye’.

Melissa and her husband Steve, who runs a hardware business in Melbourne, say they’ve never been able to reconcile their grief.

Melissa is devastated and upset that her father’s killers, who are still alive, would use his death as a political weapon.

“We were so scared that we wouldn’t have a place to live in.

We’re not really sure how we are going to survive,” Melissa said.”

It’s just such a tragedy.”

She says her father would have wanted his son to be a successful businessman, but also to be treated with respect.

“He was always a very gentle man and never showed anger,” Melissa explained.

“I think he was more of a gentle soul, but he would always tell me that if I was in trouble he would call me.”

My dad was a really, really loving man, and I always wanted him to be able to be happy.

He was just a wonderful, caring, gentle man.

“If he was in a position of power he would try to help me.

He always tried to give me the best life he could.”

The documentary will air on ABC3 on Monday at 8:00pm.

Topics:crime,family,law-crime-and-justice,community-and.-society,family-and_children,melbourne-3000,vicSource: News.ie

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