• September 6, 2021

How to tell the difference between the two ‘Twin Peaks’ characters in the new movie

Two of the most prominent characters from the first season of ‘Twins Peaks’ are coming to Netflix.

The latest trailer for the movie, ‘The Lost Symbol,’ is an exclusive look at the upcoming series that will feature Laura Palmer (Amy Brenneman) and Kyle MacLachlan (Michael Ontkean) as the new duo of Twin Peaks, Laura’s (Lynsey Jensen) FBI agent husband Kyle (James Franco) and his FBI agent wife Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) and daughter Leland (Holly Taylor).

Laura and Kyle are on the run from a mobster who stole a bomb from Laura’s home and Laura’s FBI agent mother, Laura Palmer, is trying to track them down.

“The Lost symbol is a symbol that Laura has had a traumatic experience and is trying, for the first time, to find the truth about her past,” said co-producer, Michael Ontkeam.

“She’s searching for her parents and trying to find them.

And she’s struggling to understand her role in the past.”

In the trailer, the new Twin Peaks is described as a “soul-searching and questioning detective.”

The show, which debuted on Showtime in 2018, will also be set in a fictional Northern California town called Twin Peaks.

In addition to the new characters, the series will feature a number of familiar faces from the original series.

For example, Laura and James Franco are joining the cast of the movie as detectives, and Sarah Shahi will reprise her role as Audrey.

“When we first talked about the movie and the show, we said we wanted to do a film that had the same spirit, but it was going to be an extension of the original show,” said Sarah Shahis executive producer, Laura Zahn.

“And it’s a great way to continue to honor the story of Laura Palmer and the original ‘Twinkies’ and to really do a beautiful, emotional, and compelling story that will resonate with audiences.”

The movie will be released on Netflix on March 16, 2019.

The show has already won an Emmy Award for Best Original Series, and a Peabody Award for Outstanding Cinematography.

“I can’t wait to see what our new Twin Falls fans have to say,” said Zahn in a statement.

“They’re going to love this film, and the story that it tells.”

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“There’s no better way to tell a story than to watch it live on screen, and that’s what this film does, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring it to Netflix,” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

“We know that fans will love the series and that the people who are most likely to watch the film live are the people whose stories resonate most with viewers.”

The series is set in 2019.