• August 21, 2021

The world’s cheapest car battery could be the best thing to happen to cars

A new battery could replace the petrol engine and save us from the car industry’s greatest problem, according to one of the world’s most successful engineers.

Luka Todorovic’s battery, based on an energy storage concept from the Soviet Union, has been likened to the energy storage technology used in the 1960s.

But the Czech company behind it, Luka Power, says its battery could also be cheaper than the cars it’s based on.

Todorovic, whose company makes the battery, told Business Insider that the concept is “really cool”.

“It has the potential to be one of our biggest inventions in the future,” he said.

The idea is that you put in batteries that have energy storage capability.

“That way you can store more energy than when you use the gasoline engine,” he added.

Energy storage technology uses energy to store a certain amount of energy.

When it’s needed, the energy is stored in the form of an electric current, which can be recharged.

In the battery model, energy is used to create an electric field that flows through the battery and then is stored.

It’s like putting a battery in a car that has electric motors, which makes the car faster.

According to Todorov, energy storage has a large potential in cars because of its efficiency.

Electric cars are a big part of the global car industry.

So it’s not a surprise that a battery that has the same technology as the cars would be very cheap to build, said Todorovi.

He said the technology could be used in cars, buses and trains, and even on airplanes.

Its also cheaper to make than conventional batteries, which are much more expensive to produce.

Although its not currently commercially viable, the company’s batteries could be cheaper to build than the lithium-ion battery in the Prius, according the BBC.

With the batteries, you could actually use them in cars without having to pay more for a fuel cell.

I think that would be a huge win for the energy companies.

However, the battery could come with its own problems. 

The battery could not be reused in a way that could make it cheaper to run. 

If it were used in a commercial product, its performance would be severely limited.

And it’s still unclear how the batteries would last for long periods of time, according Todorova. 

But he says he’s optimistic that the technology will be available for consumers.

We are at a stage in the development of the battery where we can see the potential,” he told Business.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in his annual shareholder call earlier this month, said it was the “best battery” he had seen, and a “world first”.”

Tesla has created a new battery that could potentially replace petrol and diesel engines, and save the world from the worst consequences of climate change,” he wrote.

Musk’s comments came after a report from Bloomberg revealed that the battery would be cheaper and more reliable than the petrol and hydrogen batteries that power most electric cars.