• August 7, 2021

Steel grill, steel target, steel ball, steel plate

The stainless steel grill, which is the centerpiece of the stainless steel target at a restaurant in New York, has a new addition to the menu, as well.

In a tweet posted by The New York Times, a source told the outlet that the stainless steak and steak tartare are now available in the restaurant’s Signature menu.

The steak tartar is described as a “classic classic,” and it comes in at 4.7 pounds of meat and $19.99.

The dish has been served in the same place as the steak tartars, but the source said it will be added to the Signature menu in a “new and improved way.”

The source also said the steak and tartar will be offered at “premium” prices.

The steak tartares were not available in New Yorkers’ dining rooms during the New York City Marathon last week, and sources told the Times they are not likely to return for the foreseeable future.

The Times also said a new menu is expected to be released in the coming weeks.