• July 28, 2021

How to Get the Trump White House to Stop Making the Media Excuse It’s So Popular

steele: We’re not getting any help from the media, I mean, this is a pretty significant piece of the puzzle, but it’s pretty frustrating to see that it is the most prominent piece of this.

The White House has had this incredibly successful approach to creating the narrative.

And this is the reason why it’s so difficult for the media to talk about.

And that’s the way it should be.

It should be the media that makes it a point to do that, and it should not be the president who does that.

[laughter] What we’re seeing right now, you know, is that the White House is being more transparent, it is being less transparent, and so the president’s been able to maintain the same level of secrecy that he’s been doing since day one.

But the public is not being allowed to see the full picture.

The media, unfortunately, has become so focused on, “Oh, this guy is going to be so successful.”

And it’s not.

The president is not going to succeed.

[applause] This is not about the media.

This is about the president.

And he’s not going.

So that’s why, you, as an American, should stand up and say, “Enough is enough.”

I mean…

I can understand that people might be disappointed, but I’m going to say this to you.

You are not going anywhere.

You’re not going down.

You know that?

You know it.

And it will happen again.

And you should just do it.


And we’re going to continue to do it until he is forced out.

So, yeah, this will be an ongoing process.

But this is just a piece of a very complicated, very challenging, and incredibly important, and very important country.

So please, just keep telling the truth, and keep telling people, and do your job, and tell us the truth.

[claps] And if it’s still not clear, I want to thank everyone at the White Houses office who are here today, and thank you, I hope, everyone.

[End applause] STEELE: Thanks for joining us, Steele & Stebbens.

Thanks for being here.

It was great to be here.

[Clapping] STELE: Thank you very much.

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