• July 27, 2021

How to avoid the pain of a new microwave oven

How to Avoid the Pain of a New Microwave Appliance 1.

Wash and clean your hands 2.

Clean your microwave oven 3.

Clean the inside of the microwave oven 4.

Put the microwave on a shelf to dry 5.

Use a microwave oven thermometer to test the temperature 6.

Put in a new one if it doesn’t work out 1.

Remove the old one from the oven and dry it out.2.

Wipe off any residue with a clean cloth and then place the new one in the oven for 10 minutes to ensure no dust or water remains on the surface.3.

Place the new microwave on the shelf to ensure the heat does not transfer to the old appliance.4.

Place it in a cool, dark place for 30 minutes to dry.5.

Replace the old microwave.