• July 19, 2021

‘We want to go back’: NSW Liberals ‘not going back on a promise’

Posted March 12, 2020 09:01:36A NSW Liberal government will not be pushing for a review of the NSW Power Networks’ (NSW Power) long-term future and will not seek to re-open the privatisation of the electricity market, the state’s opposition says.

Key points:NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said she wants to work with the opposition to find solutions for NSW’s electricity networkMr Berejaklian, a veteran of the energy sector, said the state had a good network and needed to be “modernised”Mr Berejpaviklians statement comes amid mounting criticism of the state government’s privatisation policiesThe state government is facing pressure from a number of stakeholders to rejoin the public ownership of electricity in NSW, which critics say has been plagued by delays and missed opportunities.

Premier Gladys Borjiklan has said the NSW Government would “absolutely not” go back on its promise to hold a review into the privatised electricity market in the state.

She said the Government would not reopen the privatisations and would work with stakeholders to find “good solutions”.

“We want the public to be informed, but not misled,” Ms Borjaklan said in a statement on Monday.

“It is our view that the public can be fully informed and fully engaged in the debate about how to improve and improve the quality of electricity delivered to New South Wales.”

We are committed to a transparent and fair discussion of these matters and we will continue to do so.

“In a statement issued on Monday, the State Government’s Public Sector Relations Department said it would “continue to work closely with the Opposition on a number key issues”.”

The NSW Government has stated it will not reopen its privatisation programs,” the statement said.”

However, there will be a public consultation process to seek feedback from the public on how best to improve the service delivered to the people of NSW.”‘

We want a new approach’: NSW Liberal Premier”It would be inappropriate for the Premier to make any public statement or comment on this issue until the review has been completed and is ready to publish,” the spokesperson said.

The Opposition Leader, Michaelia Cash, said Ms Borjanlis comments were a “huge disappointment” and called on the Premier “to put in place the right processes to allow the people to have the right to know the outcome of any review”.”

That is why we need a new, transparent, open and accountable system for all decisions relating to the state of the power networks,” she said.

Ms Cash said the State Power Networks had a “good record of delivering a high-quality service for NSW consumers”.”

What this Government has done is done the right thing by opening up the power network for the public, which is critical to providing a high quality service for New South Australia,” she added.

Ms Berejniklian’s comments came after the NSW Premier made a statement calling for “the best possible outcome” for the state-owned electricity network, which has seen a number problems in recent years.”

What the public wants is an independent review of how the power market works in the State,” Ms Berejikolian said.

A report by the Auditor-General has found that “significant delays” were experienced by the power regulator when trying to implement changes to the electricity networks’ contracts.

In a report released in February, the Auditor General said “serious problems” with the State Electricity Networks contracts were identified, which led to “significant backlogs” in contracts and “inadequate and inadequate” performance standards.”

The Auditor-Generals report found that:

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