• July 15, 2021

Steelyard gets new $20-million project to improve water quality

A new water treatment plant in southwestern Ontario has received $20 million in federal funding to help make it more water-efficient.

The $20.7 million project was awarded by the Ontario Energy Board on Friday, but will be managed by the province’s water authority.

It’s part of a broader $60 million federal program to upgrade water treatment plants across the province.

Ontario’s Environment Minister Peter Kent says the new plant will improve the quality of drinking water for the city of Kitchener, which has about 2,200 residents.

The plant, located near the Steelport Dam, will also use more energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It has been in operation for three years, and the province is looking at its long-term sustainability.

Kent says he expects to spend $10 million to upgrade the plant to meet Ontario’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas pollution.