• July 7, 2021

Steel cut oats, Damascus steel knives stolen from Syrian baker’s shop

STEEL cut oat cereal is one of the most popular staples in the Middle East, and it is being stolen in Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The cut oats are a staple of many Middle Eastern nations, and the thefts have been going on for a while, but this year is the first time the cut oats have been stolen from the Saudi and Syrian markets, according to an article published on the website of a Saudi daily newspaper, Al Khaleej.

The Saudi newspaper quoted a source as saying that the thieves took away about a ton of the cereal, while they were also stealing about 3 tons of other cereal products.

According to the source, the thieves are from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Syria, who are all known for their cutting and grinding skills.

The source added that the thefts were also going on in Saudi Arabias markets.

Al Khaleebi reported that the theft of the cut oas from the markets was first noticed by the Saudi media.

The news agency also reported that a police team was deployed to the markets to investigate the matter.

The report said that the Saudi government was investigating the matter as the theft is not an official crime and therefore there is no evidence of any official wrongdoing.

Al Saud media outlet reported that several of the thieves were arrested on suspicion of stealing from the market.

The newspaper said that at least 10 trucks loaded with cut oats were stolen on the outskirts of Jeddah in Saudi.

Al Saudi newspaper said the trucks were loaded with roughly 500 kilograms of cut oats and some 50 kilograms of butter.

The paper said that several trucks were also stolen from a local bakery in the eastern city of Mina.

The thieves are being held in custody in Jedda for the investigation.