• July 4, 2021

How the ‘Bachelorette’ contestants got the job title of ‘the most beautiful’

Bacheloretts Andrea Steele and Robyn Breslin have both found themselves in hot water for their “perfect” title of “the most gorgeous.”

The “Bachelorettes” contestants, who are currently in a six-month-long season in which they are competing for the title of most beautiful, have been slammed for using the word “beautiful” to describe their look.

Breslin and Steele, who both are in their 40s, have both said they used the word when discussing their look and were “embarrassed.”

But after receiving backlash from fans, they issued an apology.

“To my fans who think we’re just a little bit arrogant, please know that it’s not the case,” the contestants said in a statement released Tuesday.

“We use the word beautiful in a very different way from what we do on television, and we have been embarrassed by the backlash.”

“To all my fans, thank you for believing in me,” the pair added.

Steele and Bresler told the magazine in November that they did not use the term “beauty” as a description for their looks, and that they thought it was “too cute” to use the phrase.

“I thought it would be a cute little thing to do,” they said.

“And then I found out the internet has this weird term for it and I thought, ‘Oh, cool, I can just use that.'”

“We’re trying to be kind of fun, so we use it like that, and I think people see that it doesn’t mean that much to us,” they continued.

“They know that I’m not trying to go out there and show my whole face, but it does mean a lot to me.”

We love to be beautiful and we love to share our beauty, and to share the beauty with others,” they added.”

But I don’t think we should be judged for it.

“Steele said in November they didn’t think it was inappropriate for the couple to use “beautifully” and the phrase was a way to “make us feel good.””

Andrea is a fabulous person and I hope she doesn’t feel that way about it,” she added.”

It just comes out as a word.”

“Andrea is a fabulous person and I hope she doesn’t feel that way about it,” she added.

The “The Bachelor” finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.