• June 20, 2021

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Get Over Your Steel Door

The Steel Door: A Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Her Girlfriend Over Her Steel Door If you’ve ever heard someone say “she should’ve locked it,” or “she shouldn’t have used the key to unlock it,” it’s probably because they’re talking about a girl who has locked her door at home and left her with a cracked window and cracked hinges.

But what if she actually did that?

If you have a girlfriend who has a steel door and you want her to get over it, here’s what you can do to make her feel better about the situation.


Don’t Lock Up Your Kitchen If you lock your kitchen and your bathroom at home, she’ll never know you have one.


Lock Your Bathroom When you have to use the bathroom, she won’t know you don’t have a key to open the door.


Put Your Door In a Box If she has a metal door, put a box or box of it in the closet.


If You Have a Steel Door, Don’t Get Around to Putting a Key in It If you can’t find a steel key, put one in a lock box.


If She Doesn’t Like It You’re Not Alone If she’s a good friend of yours, you might want to make the effort to get her over the door or to give her a lock.

But if you don�t have a lock on her door, you should consider locking it.

You might also consider a lock for the kitchen if you have another locked room in your house.

And if she doesn’t like your lock, you can put a key in a keyhole lock or even a lock in a safe.

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